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New Health Hypnotherapy is a professional, calm, and supportive space for evidence-based therapy

Tweed Coast and Gold Coast locations

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Clinical Hypnotherapy assists clients to activate positive change in their life

We can help with:

  • Managing anxiety 

  • Relaxation/Managing stress

  • Managing chronic pain

  • Support for cancer patients (management of anxiety and pain)

  • Pre-natal (hypnobirthing) or post-natal sessions

  • Weight loss

  • Activating a more positive mindset 

  • Promoting healthy self esteem or body image

  • Coping with life changes

  • Smoking cessation

  • Overcoming fears or phobias

  • Managing insomnia

  • Managing obsessive behaviours

  • Post addiction support

  • Improving sports or academic performance 

  •  Managing irritable bowel syndrome

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About Michelle

Michelle Garson is a well educated, nationally accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist who also has psychotherapy training and counselling experience.  She has multiple university degrees and has spent over twenty years working in the traditional health field which has given her a broad knowledge base to draw from across the areas of mental, emotional and physical health.  She is also currently advancing her psychotherapy knowledge by pursuing a post graduate degree in trauma informed processwork psychotherapy.

She believes Clinical Hypnotherapy (performed by an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist) can work in a very complementary way alongside other evidenced based therapies, psychology and general medicine. 

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Hypnotherapy Services

Most clients find sessions to be a very positive, relaxing and restorative experience. 

Please allow up to 90 minutes for the initial session and up to 60 minutes for a follow up session. 

At the initial session I will gather some information from you, we will have a discussion around the process and of course any questions you may have, before the hypnotherapy component proceeds.

Each session is charged at a competitive flat rate of $140. 


Private Health Funds (where you may be able to claim back, please check with your fund)

CBHS, CUA (* need GP referral, covers stress management, weight loss or quit smoking), Grand United Health, Health Care Insurance Limited (quit smoking and weight loss programs),, Health Partners, Medibank Private, Navy Health Fund, Phoenix Health Fund, Queensland Country Health (quit smoking or weight loss), rtHealth Fund, Reserve Bank Health Society, Teachers Federation Health, AHM (quit smoking only).

*CUA health fund requires a GP referral to access your cover.  If your GP raises any concerns about a referral, please give them consent to contact me directly to discuss your case, the way I specifically work as a therapist, and the evidence supporting the efficacy/safe use of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

  • 1 hr 30 min


  • 1 hr 30 min


  • 1 hr 30 min